Eric Rogers

Associate Director of Investments & Analytics

Eric joined GRE in 2014 as an intern for the Asset Services department while completing his degree in Business from Washington State University. He was hired upon graduation as an Associate, continuing to work in Asset Services before transferring to the Development and Construction teams. Eric found his niche as a Financial Analyst in 2017 where he began learning about the investments side of business operations.

As the Associate Director of Investments & Analytics, Eric is responsible for appraisal coordination, underwriting for new acquisitions, and tracking sales and proceeds for any new investment deals as well as future and current development and renovation projects. Eric also helps track portfolio performance for all assets and oversees the running of GRE’s Rentlytics program.

Eric loves analyzing data and working with Microsoft Excel. He has a knack for showing data in an easy-to-read way and helped roll-out the company’s Business Intelligence program in 2017. Eric thrives while learning and is continually looking for ways to grow professionally.

An avid sports fan, Eric is a supporter of the nonprofit Courts for Kids, an organization that builds sports courts for children in economically disadvantaged areas. He had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and work with the community there on this project. Their mission is to build athletic courts with communities around the world while fostering cross-cultural understanding. This experience gave Eric the travel bug, and he is excited to continue to explore the globe.

2023, Goodman Real Estate