Deb DeWall

Executive Specialist

Deb joined Goodman Real Estate in 2012 bringing a wealth of experience in property management and real estate spanning over an impressive 17 years in the industry. As an Executive Specialist, Deb is an integral member of the team, providing unparalleled financial and accounting support to the Executive Leadership Team.

Deb’s exceptional proficiency in accounting, project management, and database administration has been widely recognized by her peers. Her remarkable ability to effortlessly handle these complex tasks stems from her innate strength and astute observation skills.

Away from the office, Deb is a devoted family person with a passion for spending quality time with her loved ones. Her leisure time is centered on the great outdoors, where she loves spending time in the sun hiking, camping, and exploring new destinations. Deb’s adventurous spirit has taken her to some of the most picturesque locations around the world, and she continually seeks out new experiences.

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