Sara Shore

Operations Lead

Sara Shore has worked in the Real Estate industry for 8 years and brings a wealth of experience that contributes to growth and scalability. Drawn to the culture of collaboration, she joined Goodman Real Estate in 2019 as the Operations Lead. Her main focus is on operations and risk management for the multi-family side of the business.

Sara has a strong foundation in creating partnerships with Leadership, Regional Managers, and colleagues in support of growth and strategic initiatives. Throughout her career, she has been heavily involved with various aspects of Accounting, HR, Safety, and Operations, and she works hard to create an environment where employees feel supported. Sara enjoys understanding processes from various angles and identifying ways to improve them. She has an innate ability to make things better than how she found them and takes a thoughtful approach to change management.

Known for being reliable and helpful, Sara treats everyone she meets with respect. She incorporates GRE’s core values into her day-to-day work and keeps integrity and a customer-focused mindset forefront in all interactions, whether it’s with someone at the corporate office, an outside vendor, or a member of the community.

Sara grew up in western Washington and attended the University of Washington, where she received her degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism.

2023, Goodman Real Estate