Salome Molia


Salome Molia joined Goodman Real Estate as a Property Management Associate in early 2020 as part of the Year Up Puget Sound Program, and when that program ended, she was hired as a full-time employee. Her passion and aptitude towards real estate made her the perfect candidate for GRE.

Salome’s ability to incorporate GRE’s core values through her day-to-day activities makes her a perfect fit with the team. Naturally optimistic, she seeks to spread an uplifting atmosphere wherever she goes. She exudes patience and determination and has earned a reputation for being trustworthy and creative. Salome has a lot of grit and creativity and uses these skills to make the best of every opportunity she is faced with.

When not working, Salome spends her time with her family and friends. She’s a talented artist and loves drawing, painting, and going to museums.

2023, Goodman Real Estate