Vadim Burlak

Regional Maintenance Lead

Vadim Burlak worked for Pinnacle Properties for 14 years before transitioning over to GRE Management in 2019. His early career focused on property renovations and evolved to include operations as a Maintenance Supervisor. He has extensive experience identifying renovation scope, overseeing staff and on-site maintenance teams, overseeing portfolio-wide capital projects, and leading recruitment and training for maintenance teams.

In his role at GRE-M, Vadim focuses on multi-family renovations, maintenance support, and planning and implementing capital and portfolio-wide projects. Vadim has a talent for finding fast and efficient solutions and providing structure when faced with complicated situations. He genuinely loves what he does and enjoys being a part of a strong team that pulls together to overcome challenges. Vadim values honesty, collaboration, and communication and promotes these values within his team by being transparent in every project.

Vadim has a degree in bible theology and serves in a Lakewood Grace Baptist Church as a Deacon, where he volunteers his time to work with youth and promotes missionary work. Born in Balti in Moldova, Vadim is a native Russian speaker and has perfected fluency in English as well. He volunteers as a translator and interpreter in various capacities and enjoys helping people understand each other.

Outside of work, Vadim spends as much time as possible with his family. He enjoys biking, playing volleyball, camping, and working on home improvement projects. His favorite hobby is playing the guitar.


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