Jason Daniel

Regional Maintenance Supervisor

Jason Daniel is the Regional Maintenance Supervisor at Goodman Real Estate, where he works with site teams on maintenance-related tasks including project management, compliance, and training. Jason’s professional goal is to ensure GRE site staff are the best in the business, maintaining high quality standards and adding value to our assets.

With extensive maintenance experience in the industry over the past 20 years, Jason holds an EPA Type II HVAC certification in addition to having completed extension training programs with previous companies and held a CPO. He is a strong advocate for mentorship and believes in open and honest communication as the basis for maintaining strong relationships. Approachable, professional, and always knowledgeable and willing to assist, Jason excels at troubleshooting and streamlining processes to maximize productivity.

Outside of work, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife watching football and movies, traveling to parts unknown, and adventure seeking with their dog. Jason enjoys riding motorcycles, boating, and is currently learning the fine art of blacksmithing and knife-making.

2022, Goodman Real Estate