Goodman Real Estate brings Washington state property management work in-house

January 30, 2019 — Source

Seattle-based Goodman Real Estate is adding property management to its real estate services by bringing in-house its existing onsite community property management team members across the 9,472 units it oversees in Washington state.

The move will affect 280 full-time staff who will transition from Texas-based Pinnacle Property Management Services LLC to Goodman. Before the transition, Pinnacle reported having 4,300 employees.

“For more than three decades, Pinnacle has served as our property management firm and is one of our most treasured business relationships, and they will continue to do so for our additional 6,012 units across eight states,” Goodman Real Estate President Kelli Jo Norris said in a news release.

Norris said having Goodman property managers become Goodman employees improves the company’s ability to function as one seamless company. In addition, it provides opportunities for the company to strengthen the company’s brand, she said.

Goodman, a 39-year-old privately held company based in Seattle, is building three properties totaling 740 units in Newcastle, Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood and Kent. Nearly half of the apartments are in the Kent project.

The company said it’s planning two more projects in Seattle – one on First Hill and the other in Northgate – and a third in Edmonds. The three developments total 470 units, with the largest one (235 apartments) at Northgate, where a light-rail station is scheduled to open in 2021.

Goodman has completed 3,153 apartment units over the last five years, with four-fifths of them in Washington state.

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