Jennifer Pajonk

Accounting Manager

Jennifer Pajonk has a deep understanding of multi-family and renovation accounting, with 5 years of experience in property management accounting already in place when she joined GRE Management in 2019. She joined the Accounting team excited by the opportunity to learn more about the ownership side of the multi-family sector and gain a new perspective on the industry.

As a Senior Accountant, Jennifer is excited to build relationships across teams and create a cohesive, collaborative work environment. Jennifer holds true to GRE-M’s core values and believes that working with integrity and empathy towards her peers is the foundation of success. Known for her outgoing personality and friendly demeanor, Jennifer also values her timeliness and organizational skills. Her attention to detail improves accuracy in accounting, and her work is driven by her desire to improve efficiencies in systems and procedures.

Born and raised in Naples, Florida, Jennifer received her B.A. from the University of Florida. She moved to Seattle in 2012 and enjoys walking around the city and checking out new and favorite restaurants. She believes that summers are for rooftop BBQs and fall is for football (GO GATORS!). She also loves to travel, with Japan and SE Asia among her favorite destinations.

2024, Goodman Real Estate