Audrey Riddle

Impact Program Ambassador

Audrey Riddle joined Goodman Real Estate in 2018 as the IMPACT Program Ambassador. She brings a wealth of service experience to the role, with years of experience contributing to the growth of her community through philanthropy and engagement.

Prior to joining GRE, she worked for the Catholic Housing Services as a Program Manager and managed an apartment building for low-income working families and families coming out of homelessness. Throughout her career, she has kept her goal of bringing dignity and compassion to all residents as her north star. Audrey believes that listening and asking questions is essential to creating a creative and holistic strategy. Energetic and compassionate, Audrey strives to be a positive influence in everything she does.

Audrey holds a BA in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University (SPU) with minors in Leadership Studies, Reconciliation Studies, and Women’s Studies. Born and raised in Western PA, Audrey moved to Seattle to attend SPU. While there, she worked with Tent City 3 during their second stay on SPU’s campus. Through that experience, she developed a passion for service and combatting homelessness.

Audrey is active in her community and organizes a monthly community meal through her parish, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  In her free time, she is active and enjoys running as well as participating in a year-round indoor soccer team and kickball team.

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